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Introduction About Haj

All Praise Be to Allah, the Most Glorious, the Most Exalted, and the Most Merciful. May His blessings be showered on His beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)* as well as his blessed family, his virtuous companions, and those who follow them until the Day of Judgement. Amen!

This book is meant to help insha Allah the pilgrim in performing the fifth pillar of Islam, Hajj. The latter has too many details and a lot of information. In fact, Hajj is a school with a great curriculum to be followed and a short, but rich, program to be completed. In order to simplify the rituals of Hajj in a way the pilgrim would not get confused and puzzled, I have put this humble work in the form of a very easy guide. Many people go to Hajj every year without even knowing the restrictions, duties, and virtues of many actions we perform in the Hajj season. It is extremely critical and important that the person who intends to perform Hajj should learn the basics of this act of worship including the obligatory actions and what makes Hajj null and what should be done in case there is a chance to compensate for mistakes. There are many people who perform Hajj and it will be accepted from them by Allah (swt), but there are others who do not just perform Hajj as a duty and leave, but they also cease this great opportunity to get a lot of reward from Allah (swt). And the best way to get reward is by following the best pilgrim and the best worshipper of Allah, Muhammad (SAWW).

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