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Tulip Garden in Kashmir

Tulip Garden also known as Indira Gandhi Memorial Garden(Siraj bagh). Tulip Garden in Kashmir is located near Dal Lake Srinagar, Kashmir. Overlooked by Dal Lake, this destination offers a view of fabulous tapestry of flowers. This garden was thrown open for the local poplace on the 5th April by the Froliculture mininster Javed Dar. This garden remains open from 5th of April to 15th of April 2011. Tulip Garden in Kashmir is enlisted amongst the Asia's largest Tulip gardens . Millions of well grown and budding tulips are displayed during the week long Tulip Garden Festival at Srinagar. Created on the lines of Tulip Gardens of Netherlands, Kashmir`s Tulip gardens have planted aorund 10 -15 lakhs of Tulip bulbs and 30-40% are in the growing stage.15 lakh Tulip varieties are displayed at this garden.

Perched on the foothills of Zabrawan range between Nishat Garden and Cheshmeshahi Mughal gardens, the Tulips of Kahsmir have stretched the tourist season to two months. The government is planning to make it all around the year attraction. Belonging to the Liliaceae family, Tulips are best suited for dry soil of mountain areas and require small amount of water but on regular basis. Tulips are bulbous underground monocotyledon plant. The bulb is remade each year and reproduces either sexually (from seed after pollination) or vegetatively (by forming bulbs and without production of seeds or spores )Siraj Bagh has slopes suited for different varieties of fruit plants and hilly slopes with wilderness suitable for wild flora and bushes.

Recently 10-15 lakhs of Tulips have been imported from the Netherlands. Rose petals and other varieties of flowers have also been planted. Over the last 4 years the Tulip garden in Kashmir have earned the revenue of 29.86 lakhs. Center of Froliculture have been established to promote commercial farm culcture all over the region. The Tulip Garden employees around 150 farmers which also helps the unemployed to earn their living. This year two more terraces have been added to the garden, which has more than 15 lakh tulip bulbs and 70 Tulip flower varieties spread over 8 hectares. Organized from 5th to 15th of April every year, around 70 top varieties of Tulips are displayed here. Lots of travelers go to Holland to see Tulips. Cutting all the costs, the travelers have an opportunity to behold the view of Tulips bulbs at home.

The estimated number of more than 12,000 tourists visits this garden every year. Tulip marks its origin from Iran(Persia) and Europe in 17th century AD. The festival show cases the cultural heritage, arts, and lifestyle of the region. The plantation of Tulips begins from September, before the commencement of early winters. This occasion is also an excellent chance for the visitors to buy handicrafts, shawls and traditional attire of Kashmir. At night the whole garden is illuminated with lights which bring back the charm of the Siraj Bagh prevalent during the Mughal era. The garden will remain open on all the days of the week between 9 am to 7 pm for the visitors.

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