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Religions in Kashmir

Three major faiths are clearly dominant in different parts of Jammu and Kashmir. However, in terms of total population, Islam clearly dominates the Kashmir valley. You will find the valley brimming with Muslim population. In addition to that Hinduism and Buddhism also constitute a part of the religions in Kashmir. The followers of Buddhism inhabit the Ladakh area of Jammu and Kashmir State.

The predominant religion of Kashmir valley is Islam. Muslims constitute more than 97% of the total population of Jammu and Kashmir. Even in Jammu, Kargil and some other districts, Islam forms a substantial part of the population.

***The Way White Snow Shines on the Darkness of soil***
***Similarly, Rehmat of Allah glitters on the Heart of Muslim***

Up to about the beginning of the 14th century, the population of the Kashmir valley had been predominantly of Pandit (Kashmiri Brahmin) population. In the 13th century, Muslims formed a significant proportion and by the end of 14th century, Islam became the dominant religion in Kashmir as most Kashmiri Brahmins converted to Islam. The Muslim population consisted mainly of Pandits who had converted to Islam and a small minority of people who had come into Kashmir with the Islamic conversion. This led to a syncretic culture. Muslims and Hindus revered the same local saints and prayed at the same shrines, leading to a way of life known in Kashmir as Kashmiriyat. Famous Sufi saint Bulbul Shah, through his intellectual power, was able to persuade the king of the time Rinchan Shah, who was prince of Kashgar Ladakh, to adopt the Islamic way of life and the foundation of Sufiana composite culture was laid when Muslims and Pandits were co-existing in the atmosphere of love and brotherhood. Some Kashmiri rulers, such as Sultan Zain-ul-Abidin, were tolerant of all religions in the manner of Akbar.