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Dal Lake

The Dal Lake which has the length of 8 Km long and a width of 4 Km, spreads over a total of 26 Sq. Km. The fascinating Dal Lake is divided into two smaller ones the Lokut (small) and Bod (big) Dal Lake . The south western part of the lake has a maximum depth of approximately 12 M. the Dal Lake gets some of its water from spring but is also supplemented by water from the mountain lake, Mar Sar.

In the western part of the Lake one can glimpse a few islands, some bigger, some smaller. Its shores are very fertile and surrounded by willows. Potato, tomato, pumpkin, cucumber, radish and lots of other vegetables are grown here cultivation of the floating gardens which also lie in this part of the lake is another interesting feature. These gardens consist of reed rafts of different lengths and a width of approximately one and a half by three meters and are covered by 1020 CM thick layer of earth and mud. Vegetables and melons are grown on these artificial floating islands.

Dal Lake in Kashmir is the wonderful scenic lake extending an area of 26 sq.mts has been partitioned in to four areas by four causeways. Western part of the lake is enchanting with many Islands attracting tourists with its serenity and solitude.

The lake is a hub for many water sports including water surfing, swimming, Shikara riding, kayaking, house boating, angling and canoeing. Adventurous tourists as well as the tourists looking for cool, natural secluded atmosphere can venture to this natural wonder. Dal Lake is one of the world's largest natural lakes.The major attractions are swimming,Shikara riding and house boating.We offer kashmir tour packages and kashmir budget tours to enjoy the kashmir tours.

Dal Lake is, initially, one of the most confusing parts of Srinagar for it's not really one lake at all, but three. Further more much of it is hardly what one would expect a lake to be like - it's a maze of intricate waterways and channels, floating islands of vegetation, houseboats that look so firmly moored they could almost be islands and hotels on islands which look like they could simply float away.